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Earth Suite

by Ian Ethan Case

Available now on Candyrat Records, iTunes, and Amazon.

About ian ethan case


Boston-based Acoustic double-neck guitarist and Candyrat recording artist Ian Ethan Case is quickly becoming recognized as “one of the most creative and engaging fingerstyle guitarists in the world” (International Center for Creativity.)

After a decade of composing and performing around the country largely under the radar, in 2015 a viral facebook video of his song “Butter II” introduced his music to over 6 million listeners around the world in the course of a month. In addition to a record deal and endorsements with companies such as Ovation guitars and Boss pedals, 2016 and 2017 provided extensive touring opportunities throughout Europe and the United States, including two performances with a full symphony orchestra. Fingerstyle legend Don Ross invited Case to open for him in Ross’ then-hometown of Toronto, later describing his performance as “some of the most massively inventive musicianship I’ve ever heard/seen.” Other listeners have described his music as a cross between Michael Hedges and Pat Metheny.

His newest album, Earth Suite, features a dozen musicians from all over the globe, including four-time Grammy-winning cellist Eugene Friesen and internationally acclaimed percussionist Jamey Haddad. While the studio album features a large group and dense orchestration, Case brings much of that expansive sound to his 2018 concert performances thanks to live looping and sound specialist Stephanie Case who records, layers, and manipulates Ian’s playing on the spot for a dynamic, truly symphonic effect that defies the typical “solo musician with a loop pedal” stereotype. As one first-time listener in California exclaimed, “Ian’s music is phenomenal - watching him play is not ‘listening to music’; it’s a full mind experience. Transporting.”





Featuring musicians from around the world including 4-Time Grammy Award-winning cellist Eugene Friesen, Israeli-Brazilian flute master Amir Milstein, legendary percussionist Jamey Haddad (Paul Simon, Bokanté), Japanese trumpeter Mao Soné, drummers Jharis Yokley and G Maxwell Zemanovic, Hartford Symphony string players Tony Connaway & Yun-Yang Lin, German vocalist Angelika Schafer, arranger/trombonist Casson Scowcroft, and world percussionists Jeff Willet and Berklee College of Music professor Bertram LehmannEarth Suite consists of all new compositions with sounds that span the globe.


Recorded over a period of 19 months beginning in January 2014, 'Run Toward The Mountains' contains just over 92 minutes of music and features both solo double-neck compositions (Disc 1) and - at the other end of the spectrum - deeply-layered studio versions of several live looping compositions (Disc 2).


Ian Ethan Case (kalimba, fretless nylon string guitar, piano, drums) / Jeremy Kittel (violin, viola) / Nathaniel Smith (cello) / Dylan Coleman (upright bass) / Jason Rafalak (upright bass) / Caleb Dolister (drums) / Ed Howe (5-string electric fiddle) / Matt Kilmer (percussion) 


Includes the solo pieces "Appalachia By Air", "Into Open Land", "Along the Path", "North By Northeast", "The Gears of Man", and "Out From the Stars" (the latter featuring instrumental vocals by Elizabeth Dotson-Westphalen), as well as three pieces orchestrated for a full "band" (with bass, drums, percussion, and multiple double-necks all played by Ian) including "Call of the Hill", "Fourth Corner", and the meticulously crafted, climactic nine-minute closer "Sky Forest / Through the Storm / Rejoicing".




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"Run Toward The Mountains"

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